Paul Finebaum rips Nick Saban, comes up with his own punishment for Da'Shawn Hand


While Paul Finebaum is a bit of an SEC homer and has openly rooted for Alabama at times, he has always been harsh on coach Nick Saban when it comes to punishing players. That was the case again with the DUI charge senior Da'Shawn Hand is facing as Saban did not hand down any punishment and pretty much let it slide, at least for now. That was Finebaun's cue to tear him apart and tell him what he should have done.

Finebaum not only said that Nick Saban was soft in his punishment, but also suggested an outright one-game suspension for the first game of the season against Florida State. It's a tough penalty from Finebaum, but one that makes sense for the reasons he mentioned. It's too close to the season for Hand to be getting in trouble, his offense was a serious issue as drinking and driving should never happen and it would have given Saban a chance to make a statement on his tolerance for shenanigans.