Anthony Richardson throws a ball at Florida's Pro Day.
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Anthony Richardson Drills Roof on Pro Day Throw, Proving He Literally Has No Ceiling

It's been said that Anthony Richardson has no ceiling because of his freakish gifts. His NFL Scouting Combine numbers alone were comparable to...well no other quarterback in the history of the combine.

At Florida's Pro Day on Thursday in Gainesville, the former Florida Gators quarterback put new meaning to the phrase "no ceiling." When he dropped back to throw a deep ball inside UF's indoor practice facility, he threw up a ball so high that it hit the ceiling.

Anthony Richardson's Pro Day Ceiling Throw

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I mean, what better way to show off your arm strength to scouts than to just try to throw the ball out of the facility? I'm surprised there's no dent up there after the laser Richardson threw.

Did Richardson do it on purpose? I don't know, but it was pretty damn funny to watch. If I'm the Carolina Panthers scout in attendance, I'm 100% going back to the general manager and telling him to draft Richardson right away. That's some Aaron Rodgers hail mary-type air under that ball.

The rest of Richardson's day looked great. This 50-yard flick throw was one of the highlights:

And, because he's Anthony Richardson, he finished his day off with a back flip. This dude isn't human.

I don't think anyone truly knows where Anthony Richardson will be drafted, but whichever team gets him is going to get one of the most physically gifted players the NFL has ever seen. There just aren't many passers who can run a 4.4 40-yard dash and jump 40 inches in a body that weighs 244 pounds and stands 6-foot-4.

But clearly Richardson isn't just a running quarterback, as evidenced by the rocket attached to his right arm. Watch out Josh Allen, Anthony Richardson is coming for you.

Anthony Richardson throws up the "shush" sign after scoring against LSU in Baton Rouge.

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