An Auburn fan is hit in the face with a field goal.
Screenshot from Twitter

Auburn Fan Drilled in Face by Field Goal Before Georgia Game

An unsuspecting Auburn fan's face was hit by a warm-up field goal prior to the Georgia game, giving fans quite the laugh.

During the pregame warmup before Saturday's Auburn-Georgia matchup, a fan in the stands was struck in the head by a football from a practice field goal.

The fan appeared to be gazing off into the distance — not looking at her phone — when a ball flew through the air, the uprights and into the stands. As it came down, other fans made noise to alert those near them before the ball hit the female fan. In the clip below, another fan asks if she is OK.

The protective net that's usually up during games wasn't in place during pregame warmups. It does appear the fan noticed what was happening at the very last second and got more of a skim off her head as opposed to a direct hit, although it's somewhat tough to tell.

Some fans responded to the video in the post.

"The weirdest part is she wasn't even looking at her cell phone, she just didn't notice it," one fan wrote.

"She took that like a champ, no way that didn't hurt like hell," another person wrote.

We don't know what happened to her after this brief clip, but she appeared to be OK, albeit perhaps a bit in shock.

The Auburn Tigers went onto lose this home game to their SEC rivals, the Georgia Bulldogs, 27-20. They have this coming weekend off but return Oct. 14 on the road against the LSU Tigers.

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