Gus Malzahn

Will Gus Malzahn Be on the Hot Seat if He Loses to Mississippi State?

How important is this game against Mississippi State for Gus Malzahn? Let's just say it is HUGE. Malzahn probably isn't going to lose his job over this, but it will put him squarely back on the hot seat.

It's not like Malzahn hasn't been in this position before. In fact, he should be use to it. Some thought that Malzahn was on the hot seat last year before he beat Georgia and Alabama, but with him winning the SEC West that silence his critics; or so we thought.

Even with Auburn's 4-1 record, there are rumblings among some, not all Auburn fans, that the "Gus Bus" is in trouble and some of them aren't too happy about it by blaming  Malzahn's play calling for the offense's issues.

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Malzahn even became the butt of some jokes Saturday night after Penn State fell to Ohio State because of a bad fourth down call.

Yep, the natives are restless and if he loses Saturday, they will only get louder. But one thing you can say about Malzahn, he is a survivor. He has been on the ropes before and has managed some how to make it to the next year.

Despite the offensive struggles, the defense has been the saving grace for this team. The Tigers defensive stop against Washington when they were driving at the end of the game, saved them from starting the season 0-1.

If the Tigers managed to pull out this game against Mississippi State Saturday, more than likely, it will be because of their defense who may once again save their coaches job.

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