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Tim Tebow Got Drilled in the Face by a Paper Football

With Veterans Day falling on a college football Saturday, the SEC Network crew decided to make the most of the coincidence and celebrate our troops with a special event. And who could be better to help honor the men and women that serve our country than SEC legend Tim Tebow?

Tebow's hands served as the goalposts in a paper football challenge, in which a fully-uniformed soldier attempted to "kick" a field goal, an iteration of a nostalgic childhood game that many of us remember fondly. The soldier absolutely drilled the kick right through the uprights, dead center, and the paper triangle bonked Tebow squarely in the head.

Unfazed, the Heisman Trophy winner threw his arms in the air and hollered out in celebration, screaming "You're incredible! Let's go!" before embracing the soldier in a big bear hug and hoisting him into the air. With several other uniformed soldiers watching on, Tebow gifted the group a voucher to attend the SEC Championship Game as a reward for the successful kick.

It still remains to be seen who exactly will compete in that game, but the Alabama-Kentucky game for which Tebow and the SEC Network squad were providing pregame coverage could go a long way towards providing an answer. The Crimson Tide, after a shaky start to the year, are still undefeated in conference play; just a few more wins could punch their ticket to Atlanta.

Whether or not Alabama or local favorites Georgia are in that game, a very deserving group of soldiers will certainly be in attendance. It's impossible to provide such an experience for everyone who has bravely served their country, but the SEC Network broadcast crew did a great job providing some recognition to a few on this important day of recognition for our troops of years past.

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