Landshark Tony

The New Ole Miss Mascot is the Worst Shark in Football History

Remember that time "left shark" went rogue during Katy Perry's Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show? How about the time Willie Beamen dove in for the touchdown to give the Miami Sharks a huge victory over the Dallas Knights in Any Given Sunday? Did you even know the National Arena League exists and the inaugural champions were the Jacksonville Sharks? It's time to introduce another shark to football.

There is a new finned sheriff in town, and it's easily the worst one yet. The long wait for Ole Miss to reveal "Landshark Tony"  as its official on-field mascot finally happened, but it's safe to say it could look a little less embarrassing.

Seriously, just look at this thing.

Inspired by the Rebels' famous "Fins Up" celebration, the Ole Miss defense nickname from a decade ago, and a student petition started in 2015, Landshark Tony now actually exists.

The reason for it is epic, honoring former linebacker Tony Fein, a Army veteran and the original Landshark who passed away in 2009. So is the petition that made it happen. The actual product, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

Here is the school's introduction to Landshark Tony:

"A family with the passion of Ole Miss deserves a mascot with that same zeal. The Associated Student Body agreed, and in October 2017, initiated a campus vote to make the Landshark the official on-field mascot of the Ole Miss Rebels. Needless to say, the polls were nearly unanimous and overwhelming endorsed the proposal. For the 10 months that followed, university leaders teamed up with Hollywood's most creative costume designers to bring a vision to life, and in August 2018, Tony burst onto the scene as the new spirit animal of Ole Miss. Named in honor of the first Rebel to throw "Fins Up," Tony Fein, the new Landshark mascot exhibits the ferocity of a true Ole Miss Rebel while connecting with kids with his energetic and fun-loving character. There's no place like Ole Miss, so shouldn't the mascot be just as unique?"

Unique has been accomplished, certainly, but so has hideous.

There are so many questions here in terms of appearance, but let's leave those out for now and focus a little on three better sharks from the top of this story.

Left Shark

Willie Beamen

Jacksonville Sharks (2017 NAL Champions)

Those three are much better sharks.

This is only the beginning. There is no doubt SEC fan bases are going to heckle this new mascot in Oxford to no end.

Again, the concept is incredible. Nobody should ever knock that. The appearance will just be on the wrong side of jokes for years to come.

Look on the bright side, Mississippi. At least you probably won't have to worry about Landshark Tony acting up at a bowl game this year.

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