Lane Kiffin smiles during SEC Media Days.
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Lane Kiffin Asking a Reporter 'What's Your Mom's Name?' Cracked Everyone Up

Lane Kiffin is the king of quips, and he didn't disappoint at SEC Media Days when he and a reporter had some fun.

This year's SEC Media Days have given us plenty of interesting content, but among the top is a reporter asking Ole Miss Rebels head coach Lane Kiffin if he thinks that he (the reporter) looks like Kiffin.

The question came from Nick Brooks of WTVY, and the answer from Kiffin did not disappoint.

The clip above starts with Brooks saying he gets mistaken for Kiffin often, including at high school football games, and he asks Kiffin if he thinks he looks like him.

Kiffin responded initially by saying, "Yeah, that's the longest question [referring to the question asked before this one], and that's the strangest question."

He then asked the reporter if he also got confused with Daniel Tosh. Kiffin also does.

The reporter agreed that he also gets mistaken for the "Tosh.O" star.

Kiffin, the former Oakland Raiders head coach, then goes into stories about how he gets asked out in public if he's the one and only Lane Kiffin, and his tactic is to say things like, "No, I hate that dude."

After this, Kiffin tells the reporter to embrace it and go with it, but then the reporter mentions that even his mom couldn't tell a picture of Kiffin apart from her son.

This is where the zinger of the entire exchange comes in.

After explaining that his mom couldn't correctly identify him, Kiffin calmly says, "What's your mom's name?"

The media immediately starts laughing, and Kiffin follows up his joke by saying he needed to "ask his dad some questions." Of course, Kiffin's dad is Monte Kiffin, the longtime NFL assistant coach and father of the "Tampa 2" defensive scheme.

Some may think this is a silly or pointless question, but good on that reporter for giving us some quality content instead of another mundane question about Kiffin's thoughts on his team or something of that nature.

The Ole Miss Rebels kick off their season at home on Sept. 2 at 2 p.m. ET against Mercer.

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