Lee Corso suggests a drastic change to one of college football's biggest rivalries


College GameDay's Lee Corso is never short on opinions, especially when it comes to rivalry games. He loves picking those games and usually has a lot more to say in his analysis of those series. When it comes to the Florida-Georgia rivalry though he has some pretty strong opinions on it and where it should be played. He spoke with CBS46 in Atlanta the College Football Hall of Fame on the topic:

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So Corso wants Florida and Georgia to move back to a home-and-home series which hasn't been a regularity in the series at all. The two schools had a home-and-home in the 1994 and 1995 seasons along with a select few games in Athens in very early years of the rivalry. But he believes that it ought to go the way of the Iron Bowl.

"They ought to think about it, seriously, someday changing it to home and home. Athens and Gainesville. Just like, remember, Auburn/Alabama - the Iron Bowl - in Birmingham. They changed it."

Corso went on to say that it isn't even really a neutral site anyway since Jacksonville is in Florida anyway. He's right considering that the drive from Gainesville to Jacksonville is a little over two hours while the drive from Athens to there is five-and-a-half hours.

The game won't be moving any time soon though as the two schools agreed to an extension for the neutral site through 2022. The game has been played at its current site in Jacksonville regularly since 1933. The record is 49-43-2 in favor of Georgia right now. The Gators are on a current three-game winning streak though and have won six out of the last nine.

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