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Lane Kiffin's Much Younger Girlfriend Is the First Lady of Ole Miss

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin is the Rebels' fearless leader, but it's his girlfriend who steals the show in Oxford.

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin is a national treasure. When he's not leading the Rebels on the field, he's busy making Barbie videos for TikTok, taking shots at Nick Saban and cracking up reporters at press conferences.

Kiffin is clearly a fan of fun, and he shares that with his entire family. His son, Knox, can routinely be found on the sidelines of Rebels games. He's always having fun with his two daughters, Presley and Landry, the latter of which is enrolled at Ole Miss. Even his dog, Juice, is the unofficial mascot in Oxford, Miss.

The 48-year-old SEC coach is clearly big on family. While he's been divorced from his first wife, Layla Kiffin — the daughter of an SEC quarterback legend, the Lane Train has officially made a stop in Relationshipville. Prior to this season, he posted a picture of his girlfriend, leading many fans to wonder just who she is.

Lane Kiffin's Girlfriend, Sally Rychlak, Was an Ole Miss Cheerleader

Meet Sally Rychlak, the special woman by Kiffin's side.

According to her LinkedIn, she graduated from Ole Miss in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in marketing and, maybe more importantly to Kiffin, was a cheerleader for the Rebels. For reference, Kiffin graduated from Fresno State in 1998 with a degree in recreational and leisure services.

She's currently working as a major gifts officer at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, a job described as "a

I'd guess she's doing a pretty good job considering SMU just announced that it raised $100 million during the week following the announcement it'd be heading to the ACC. And according to Yahoo Sports' Ross Dellenger, "at least $100 million more is eventually coming as part of a commitment from a small group of billionaire boosters."

Rychlak previously worked at Ole Miss as a "development officer" for the school of pharmacy by "building and maintaining a pipeline of philanthropic support" from 2021-22.

On May 9, Sally wished Kiffin a happy birthday on Twitter, where she also said, "maybe this is the year you can beat me in a 40yd dash." It looks like Kiffin found himself a funny one.

For what it's worth Sally's father, Ron Rychlak, serves as a secretary of the SEC Executive Committee and is an Ole Miss Faculty Athletics Representative. According to the SEC's website, the committee's primary responsibility is "to approve the annual operating budget of the Conference and oversee all financial and fiscal affairs of the Conference as administered by the Commissioner." It sounds like Rychlak has a pretty important job. He's also been a contributor to The Epoch Times, a publication the New York Times in 2020 wrote used "aggressive Facebook tactics and right-wing misinformation to create an anti-China, pro-Trump media empire."

Though we're not sure exactly how old Sally is, it's clear she's much younger than Kiffin. But hey, it seems like the two are enjoying each other.

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