Butt fumbles are truly a rare thing in football, and they’re so rare, in fact, that they can actually be a gift.

Of course, the greatest butt fumble of all-time happened in the NFL, and Mark Sanchez truly set a high bar, but Tennessee’s center felt the need to add his name into the corridors of history this weekend. And of course, it was caught for the whole world to see on social media.

First and foremost, let us remember the golden standard of butt fumbles:

And now, here’s Tennessee’s contribution, which happened Saturday afternoon against Georgia:

At the time of this writing, Tennessee is 3-1 in 2017-18, but it hasn’t been a tremendous season for Butch Jones and the Vols. From garbage cans on the sideline to butt fumbles, the Volunteers have once again failed to live up to some very high expectations.

Currently down big to Georgia and apparently trending towards a second loss, one has to wonder how much longer Jones truly has on Rocky Top. Sure, the butt fumble isn’t the worst thing in the world — it’s not even as bad as the Chicago Bears’ knee fumble — but it’s yet another subpar moment for the Volunteers.

For as good as a recruiter as Jones has been for Tennessee, he hasn’t found a way to get his squad over the hump in a very tough SEC East.

Eventually, Jones is going to run out of good will. In fact, it may have already happened.

Tennessee’s center just gave us the truly rare snap butt fumble Frederick Breedon/Getty Images
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