Jimbo Fisher

Turnovers or Not, Texas A&M's Painful Loss at Auburn Belongs to Jimbo Fisher

Texas A&M missed a big opportunity to take of business this week against Auburn and become bowl eligible. The Aggies, once again, collapsed in the fourth quarter in a 24-28 loss on Saturday at Jordan Hare Stadium after leading 24-14 in the third quarter. In consecutive weeks, the Aggies were shut out in the fourth quarter and gave up 14 points to their opponents.

Kellen Mond turnovers came back to bite the Aggies once again. The starting quarterback tossed a really bad option pass to running back Trayveon Willliams that led to a fumble in their own territory in the first half. Auburn capitalized with a trick play to get an easy touchdown from Texas A&M's 20-yard line. Later in the third quarter, Mond threw a costly interception trying to find Quartney Davis. This play proved to be the turning point of the game and also led to an Auburn touchdown.

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On the most critical drive of the game in the fourth quarter, Mond had another fumble. Although it was recovered by the Aggies, the following play resulted in an overthrown wide receiver screen. This would have been a great time to hand the ball off to your running back that's having a great day. Instead, the Aggies were forced to punt.

Inside of two minutes, Auburn took the ball down the field in only three passing plays to score a touchdown and take the lead. So with one minute left, needing a touchdown to win, the Aggies were faced with now being forced to pass the ball, and making one of the best running backs in football obsolete.


It seems that Coach Jimbo Fisher out-coached himself this time around. The Aggies were dominating the game by running the ball and keeping Auburn's offense on the field. They had run for over 200 yards and scored two touchdowns on the ground. Trayveon Williams was torching Auburn by himself with 108 yards rushing, 75 yards receiving, and three touchdowns.

The turnovers definitely hurt the Aggies, but abandoning the run is why this loss is on Coach Jimbo Fisher.

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