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Drunk Texas A&M Girls Confess Love for Johnny Football on Live TV

Texas A&M Aggies love Johnny Manziel. I'm not talking about the insincere "hey, I love you" kind of love you dish out to random best friends. This is undying, marry your best friend's dad and become their stepmom, kind of love. Look no further at how much fellow Aggies loved Johnny Football at his peak than a live television report before the 2013 Cotton Bowl between Texas A&M and the Oklahoma Sooners.

Jeff Jamison, a reporter with CBS' Dallas-Fort Worth station, was doing a live report in the parking lot of Cowboys Stadium (later renamed AT&T Stadium) before the Heisman Trophy winner led his ninth-ranked Aggies against Landry Jones and the No. 11 Oklahoma Sooners. Even a veteran reporter like Jamison wasn't prepared for what happened next.

Swooping in from nowhere, two visibly intoxicated women burst into Jamison's live shot. The first two slurred words out of their mouths?


The chaos only got better. One of them even claimed to, apparently, know Manziel personally. (Yeah, me too.) Jamison redirected the "high-minded fans," grabbed a few ESPN-worthy game predictions, and maintained his composure despite being ambushed on live television before the girls ventured off into the night.

Drunk Texas A&M Fans Invade Live TV Report

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Whatever these girls were drinking, keep it flowing because their predictions of Johnny Football's dominance were spot-on.

Manziel set a Cotton Bowl Classic record with 516 total yards — 287 passing and 229 rushing — in the 41-13 rout of OU. Texas A&M's first season in the SEC was a resounding success as first-year coach Kevin Sumlin and the Aggies set an SEC record with 7,261 total yards of offense during their 11-2 campaign — Like most SEC records, the 2019 LSU Tigers shattered that one, too.

Credit to Jamison for treating this interview like a true pro. Where most television reporters would've crumbled at the sight of two good-looking girls talking college football, this guy stood tall and kept his cool for a classic highlight.

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