Jimbo Fisher
Screenshot from ESPN broadcast

Jimbo Fisher Inexplicably Runs on Field During Auburn Scoop-and-Score

Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher was somehow on the field as his team gave up a scoop-and-score touchdown to the Auburn Tigers.

They say having a great coach is an advantage almost like having a 12th man, but Jimbo Fisher took it a bit too far this Saturday.

While his Texas A&M Aggies offense was on the field, so was he; about three yards away from his customary place on the sideline, and he almost paid the price.

With A&M leading by a score of 20-3 early in the fourth quarter, the plan seemed to be to just run the rest of the clock out. Running back Rueben Owens took the handoff and ran just off the right tackle's outside shoulder, but was met by Auburn defensive back Kayin Lee, who punched the ball out for a fumble.

Transfer linebacker Eugene Asante scooped the ball up and was off to the races, but what he saw was probably a bit of a surprise- Fisher, standing between him and the end zone. Luckily for all parties, the 57 year old coach actually was far onto the field that there was enough room for Asante to sprint between Fisher and the sideline, and return the fumble 67 yards for a touchdown.

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Wisely enough, Fisher did not attempt to "make a play" in the style of Mike Tomlin, as he appeared to break down and drop into an athletic stance, but ultimately, he casually sidestepped the action and allowed Asante to breeze right by.

The play got Auburn right back into the game, trimming the deficit to two scores with plenty of time to go in the final period of play. It's been a wild one in College Station, featuring backup quarterbacks on both sides, brother-to-brother connections, and now very nearly a highlight reel hit-stick on a coach, but it's still not over as these two teams duke it out for a key win to kick off their respective SEC slates.


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