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College Kicker's 3-Bounce Field Goal Squeaks Through the Uprights


One of the most amazing field goals ever took place during a game between South Alabama and Georgia State.

South Alabama kicker Gavin Patterson connected on a 46-yard attempt that bounced three times before sailing through the goal post to cut Georgia State's lead to 10-6. The announcers were just as shocked as we were.

South Alabama's Three-Bounce Field Goal

Fun Belt, indeed.

But despite South Alabama possibly having some kind of witchcraft on its side, it wasn't enough to stop Georgia State as the Panthers held on to win, 21-13.


Still, the three-bounce field goal attempt received national attention as the biggest takeaway from the game.

This post was originally published on October 27, 2017, but triple-bounce field goals are too rare not to bring back.

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