UConn football players run into each other.
Screenshot from CBS Sports broadcast.

UConn Ran The Worst Play You'll See In College Football This Season

The UConn Huskies had one of the most embarrassing college football plays you'll see on Thursday night, resulting in a fumble vs NC State.

The Connecticut Huskies have always been known for their basketball prowess, and after a play they conducted against the NC State Wolfpack in their first college football game of the season, UConn might be better to keep it that way.

Down 10-7 in the third quarter with just over 9:50 to go, the Huskies attempted a play that looked like it could've been a reverse or double-reverse, but we'll never know as the two players closest to the quarterback collided.

Out of the shotgun, Huskies quarterback Joseph Fagnano shovel-passed the ball to graduate transfer wide receiver James Burns. However, upon receiving the ball, Burns and running back Brian Brewton collided with one another, resulting in a fumble.

Wolfpack linebacker Payton Wilson picked up the fumble before getting tackled on the Huskies 23-yard line.

Fagnano comes to the team after playing at the University of Maine. In his debut, he finished with 14 completions on 26 attempts. He passed for 113 yards, zero touchdowns, and one interception. Running back Victor Rosa was responsible for the team's two touchdowns, rushing for 99 yards on nine carries and adding the two scores.

The Wolfpack, led by Brennan Armstrong, who used to be with the Virginia Cavaliers, completed 17 of 26 passes for 155 yards. He also added 19 carries for 96 yards and two touchdowns.

Despite the mistake above and the lack of production from the quarterback position, the Huskies were able to win this game. Toward the end of the third quarter, Rosa had a 71-yard run to make the game 17-14. However, right after this, the Huskies allowed a 62-yard kick return from Joe McFadden, which set them up for an Armstrong rushing touchdown.

After that, the Huskies had three possessions left in the game, resulting in two punts and Fagnano's lone interception on the Wolfpack 39-yard line with 54 seconds to go in the game.

"We didn't show up to come close," Mora said. "We showed up to win. But we'll bounce back."

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