A Division III player bat flips and gets ejected.
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College Baseball Player Ejected For Monster Bat Flip, Sparking Fan Outrage

Baseball is a game full of unwritten rules. One of those "rules" was enforced in a recent college baseball matchup featuring two Division-III Minnesota schools, Gustavus Adolphus College and St. Olaf College.

The "rule" in question involves a bat flip, commonly done after a player crushes home run — which in this case was hit by Drake Siens, a player for Gustavus Adolphus. In the third inning, Siens hit the mammoth home run. As soon as the ball leaves the bat, you have no doubt that it's out of the park. He knew it instantly.

This was a solo shot, and as you'll see in the video below, sure, Siens' bat flip afterward was a bit dramatic. Still, the bat flip is becoming more common in baseball. I mean, it even happens in the World Series — just ask Houston Astros right fielder Kyle Tucker. For an umpire to throw a kid out for a bat flip is sucking the fun out of the game.

D-3 Player and Coach Ejected After Monster Bat Flip

Following this, the home plate umpire ejected Siens. The ejection prompted ninth-year manager Brad Baker to come out of the dugout to talk with the umpire, seemingly calmly at first.

But while talking to the umpire, Baker also gets ejected from the game. Any sense of calm Baker had before that was thrown out the window, as the video shows him trying to get toward the umpire but is held back by a player and a fellow umpire. Voices can be heard in the background, presumably from fans in the stands shouting "Come on!" and repeatedly protesting the umpire's decision. One even yells, "Are you enjoying your power?"

These players are out here having fun, but the umpire took it upon himself to interject his view about unwritten rules into the game. Plus, Siens isn't just a nobody. He's one of the best hitters in the MIAC, hitting .394 with seven home runs and 37 RBIs. At least Gustavus went on to win a share of the MIAC regular season championship.

Still, it's a shame college baseball players can't have fun these days.

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