Auburn and Alabama's softball teams dance together.
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Alabama and Auburn Softball Players Turn Rain Delay Into Outfield Dance Party

There's never any love lost when Alabama and Auburn play each other, unless Cupid is involved — the "Cupid Shuffle," that is.

The Crimson Tide and the Tigers squared off this past weekend in Tuscaloosa, where they found themselves in a rain delay Friday night. While the game was eventually postponed until Saturday, that didn't stop the girls on each team from turning the outfield at Alabama's Rhoads Stadium into a dance floor.

Forget the Iron Bowl— meet the Iron Stroll.

Alabama & Auburn Softball Teams Dance During Rain Delay

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Get it, girls!

This is why college softball is one of my favorite sports. These ladies know how to have more fun than anyone, whether it's using silly props in the dugout to celebrate their teammates or just because they can bust a move at any point.

And for those wondering, that timeless song they're dancing to is the "Cupid Shuffle" by Cupid. The dance has been an internet sensation since it was first released back in 2007, or probably not too long before some of these girls were born.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are more clips of this dance party on TikTok, where many of them post their other dance videos. I'll be honest, though: I'm upset they weren't dancing to "Dixieland Delight." I don't care that it's controversial at Alabama. These women can make any song wholesome with dancing like this.

Also, a shoutout to Denver Bryant of Auburn, because she is breaking it down harder than anyone else. We love to see that type of commitment during a rain delay.

Auburn and Alabama played a doubleheader the next day and the series finale on Sunday. The No. 21 Tigers took the series against No. 13 Alabama, marking the first time they've won a series in Tuscaloosa since 2017.

Regardless of the scoreboard, let's all appreciate that the rivalry was set aside Friday night as the two teams boogied to some tunes. Chances are we'll never see this on the football field.

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