Kent State player Alex Whitmore evades a tag with a nifty move to score.
Screenshot from Twitter

College Softball Player Pulls Off "Matrix" Move to Evade Tag in Epic Fashion

Here's a message to all college softball catchers: don't play tag with Alexandria Whitmore. You won't win.

The Kent State University infielder pulled off one of the nastiest, now-you-see-me-now-you-don't moves to evade a tag and score a run against Drake University. Just when you thought she was dead in the water, she made Drake catcher Skylar Rigby look completely foolish.

Alexandria Whitmore's Nifty Move Evades Tag

Kent State was already up 10-0 when Drake pitcher Molly Hoekstra fired a wild pitch well over her catcher's head.

Whitmore, was on third base, bolted for home expecting the ball to squeak away from Rigby and score with ease. The problem? It bounced right back to her. That left Whitmore like a deer in headlights some 10 feet from home.

Kent State player Alex Whitmore evades a tag with a nifty move to score.

Screenshot from Twitter

Would you believe me if I told you Whitmore scored after looking at this image? If you guessed yes, well, you probably know how to use context clues.

Whitmore dropped to the ground in an instant as the catcher whiffed on what should have been an easy tag, leaving Rigby in the dust as she scampered home. Even the umpire looked on in confusion like "what the heck did I just witness?"

It's not exactly clear how the crowd at John Krupp Stadium in Lexington, Kentucky, reacted, but her teammates went absolutely bonkers. Fans must not have realized that Whitmore just pulled off something straight out of "The Matrix."

Unsurprisingly, Whitmore's move made ESPN's "SportsCenter" as the No. 3 play on the show's top plays. It was also the No. 1 play of the week on the NCAA Softball Twitter account.

Whitmore, a junior majoring in criminology and justice studies, still has plenty of softball left to play before she graduates from Kent State. Maybe she should consider becoming a professional tag player after she's done in school — yes, it's a real sport.

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