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Elissa Brown's "Roll Slide" Catch Made Alabama Fans Go Nuts

Alabama softball is on a roll, and outfielder Elissa Brown made that a literal statement over the weekend against Ole Miss.

The Crimson Tide defensive wizard was patrolling centerfield when a Rebels hitter decided to try to test her hand on Friday night in Tuscaloosa. That's when Ole Miss found out what the Alabama bench has known for years: Elissa Brown covers more ground than the Magnum PI flashy red Ferrari.

Elissa Brown's "Roll Slide" Catch

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Alabama already held a comfortable 11-6 lead in the top of the sixth inning at Rhoads Stadium. With a runner on first, Ole Miss was threatening to make some sort of late-game comeback.

Rebels' Sydney Gutierrez slapped a fly ball into center that looked like it would get down without issue. Out of nowhere, Brown fully extended her body to make the diving grab to make every 'Bama fan in the stadium go nuts.

The play, which I'm dubbing the "Roll Slide" catch for her barrel roll and slide after making the catch, prompted some to call for it to be a ESPN SportsCenter Top 10 play.

More importantly, it helped lead to a decisive win. Elissa Brown added two hits at the plate in the team's offensive outburst and the Tide swept the SEC series over Ole Miss. They've won 10 in a row.

"This was the second game in a row that every player in the lineup got a hit, so offensively it was a great game," Alabama head coach Patrick Murphy said. "We put pressure on them the whole time and even though I would have liked for us to end it early in the fifth, I thought we were really good up and down the lineup tonight."

Alabama can now look forward to hosting the SEC softball tournament, which begins on May 11. Alabama, 42-7 overall and 18-6 in conference play, earned the No. 3 seed and will play the winner of Georgia and Kentucky on May 13.

If Elissa Brown's defense has any say, the Crimson Tide can win the whole thing.

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