Overwatch’s second annual Summer Games event has gone live, and while we already covered much of this year’s new features in a previous article, there was only guesswork to be made with regards to the wealth of upcoming cosmetic skins, intros, emotes, and other various rewards to be had. Until today, anyway. The announcement trailer for the 2017 Summer Games was released over the official Overwatch YouTube channel, and it seems to have adequately covered the highlights. Take a look:

Kaplan certainly has good taste; Mercy’s new skin, which Blizzard’s Vice President Jeff Kaplan had predicted last week to be a fan favorite, is certainly of a higher quality than the majority of the hero’s former outfits. Mercy would not look out of place heralding the start of the Olympics with a getup like her new Summer Games skin.

Much of Overwatch’s roster seems to have received some much-needed attention in the form of new skins and emotes. In addition to the return of all of last year’s summer-themed cosmetic rewards, seven legendary skins have been added to the game for Reaper, Widowmaker, Junkrat, Soldier 76, McCree, and Sombra. You can check out some of these below:

Via YouTube.
Via YouTube.
Via YouTube.
Via YouTube.

All over the above skins and more are available on Overwatch from now until August 29, so players will have ample time to try and unlock all of their desired outfits. They’re also all purchasable through the in-game store; last year’s legendaries have received a price drop down to the traditional 1,000 gold, while all of the new ones cost 3,000.

For an in-depth summary of this year’s loot, visit the Summer Games event page on the Overwatch website.

New trailer kicks off this year’s Overwatch Summer Games PlayOverwatch/YouTube
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