Stardew Valley is coming to the Nintendo Switch – and soon

Chucklefish has been hitting the news a lot lately, and for good reason. The studio’s recent teasers regarding the highly-anticipated Spellbound have caught more than a few eyes among fans of Chucklefish’s previous work, while significant updates to Starbound and the upcoming Nintendo Switch port for Stardew Valley have made the studio’s signature style a constant presence among video game media outlets. It’s this last bit of news however that has resurfaced today; according to CEO Finn Brice, Stardew Valley will be arriving for the Switch – and much sooner than expected.

While ordinarily the port of one game to a newer console would not be particularly newsworthy, the fame that Stardew Valley has generated over the past year and a half has more than excused this exception. Despite having released back in early 2016, the title has maintained a significant following online. Any mention of Stardew Valley on the Internet is typically met with statements of affection and familiarity with the game, while reviewers shower it with highest of praise for its engaging and frequently rewarding gameplay.

This is largely due to the wholesome nature of Stardew Valley. The experience revolves around building and improving upon the player’s farm, which has been left in their possession by the character’s grandfather. Although it sounds simple in theory, the process of maintaining the farm can be an involved one that usually leaves the player with ample activities to pursue – and should they grow bored of this, there’s always the nearby Pelican Town, where the player can meet, build relationships with, and even eventually marry NPCs.


Then, of course, there’s the art style, which Chucklefish has improved upon over the course of the studio’s many projects. Stardew Valley is a lovely blend of warm colors and detailed sprites that is as pleasant as it is unique, and when combined with the endearing soundtrack leaves the player in for an enjoyable – if mildly addictive – experience.

Stardew Valley will launch on the Nintendo Switch for $14.99 in the US and £10.99 in the UK. A multiplayer cooperative mode, meanwhile, is due in early 2018 and will introduce new functionality and gameplay elements to account for extra players. For more information on that, check out our previous article on the subject.

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