Starbound quickly became one of the most ambitious 2D sandbox games around when it was first announced due to the promise of being able to explore an entire galaxy of varied, habitable (and sometimes uninhabitable) planets. Because of the sheer scope of the game, it should come as no surprise that it faced fair criticisms for an overall lack of content early on. The last couple of updates have done a lot to rectify this, however, with space stations and mechs being the most recent additions to the Starbound experience.

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A few days ago, yet another content update was revealed over a blog post on the game’s website. Chucklefish, the developers behind both Starbound, Stardew Valley, and the recently teased Spellbound, have been hard at work introducing a new bounty-hunting mechanic to the game. According to the post, players will able to access a new bounty board to discover targets in need of hunting down, as well as the conditions of their arrest.

Beware, though – the process will never be as simple as arriving on the convict’s planet and peacefully arresting them. Players will have to track leads across the galaxy, uncovering clues and safehouses before they are able to locate their target. Only after the arduous investigation has reached its peak that they will be able to subdue the convict with the help of a new tool called “the Long Arm.” You can see this handy feature at work below:

No information has been released as to when the update will drop, though the developers have promised to show off more “over the coming weeks.” You can follow Chucklefish over the official Starbound blog to receive news about any future updates.

Next Starbound update to introduce new bounty-hunting mechanics JohnSnu/DeviantArt
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