A week ago, Respawn Entertainment announced that the studio’s first-person shooter, Titanfall 2, would soon be receiving a free pack of new downloadable content (DLC). While this is hardly news in and of itself (Respawn’s dedication to providing free content is already well-known), the game mode coming in Operation Frontier Shield took the game in an surprisingly new direction.

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By that, we’re of course referring to Frontier Defense, a cooperative four-player mode that allowed players to fend off waves off AI-controlled enemies in an objective-based defense map. You can check out the gameplay trailer released during the announcement for a quick look at how the new mode functions.

The official patch notes for this update make mention of a variety of small improvements to Titanfall 2, including a number of balance tweaks to Titans and pilots, some minor changes to a handful of weapons, and several minor bug fixes.

Operation Frontier Shield also rolled out two new maps for Titanfall 2: Rise, which will be available as a map for both the new and regular game modes, and Township – a “module construction of a residential firefight” with sparse cover available on the Live Fire mode.

For a full list of all of Titanfall 2’s patch notes, check out the official post on the community forums, where you can also engage in discussion with the game’s fans and developers.

Titanfall 2’s “Operation Frontier Shield” is now available TitanFallGame/YouTube
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