There’s generally a few outcomes to a game being received unfavorably on launch. The studio will either pack things up, abandon the IP, and call it a day, or use the accumulated resources and talent to recover and build up an impressive sequel worthy enough to salvage the series entirely. Such is the case with Watch Dogs 2, which, despite a fairly unremarkable predecessor, followed up to its successful launch with a wealth of additional content – much of it free.

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The latest in Ubisoft’s planned releases for the game is a “4-player Party Mode” update that will allow players to invite two to four friends to freely roam the streets of San Francisco together. While arguably not the most significant game update in history, the trailer certainly managed to get me excited – and I don’t even own the game. Take a look:

Players will now be able to manually activate PVP activities via their in-game smart phone app while playing with friends, rather than wait for them to appear. The update will also provide its own July 4th celebration; from today till the 10th, fireworks will launch every night in Watch Dogs 2 over the city’s Bay. For those not satisfied in simply watching the festivities, an additional activity will allow the player to celebrate on their own with a “flurry of red, white and blue paintballs.”


Watch Dogs 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through the Steam and uPlay retailing clients, where it’s currently discounted at 50% off for the Fourth of July. Be sure to grab it quick before the sale ends, and enjoy the holiday!

Watch Dogs 2 adds four player co-op in July 4th-themed celebration
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