Worst Broken Nose, MMA
Screenshot from YouTube

Vicious Knee Leaves Fighter's Nose Smashed Against His Face

How this guy can stand up at all after a brutal knee to the face is astonishing. How he'll be able to smell anything after said hit would be a complete miracle.

It all happened so fast and after appearing to have some solid defense going for him, his world came crashing down the moment that knee came crashing into his face.

From the side, it doesn't look all that bad for Mr. Rustemi Kreshnik, but once you get a full, frontal view of his schnoz, you quickly realize this dude is completely screwed.

I haven't seen a nose look that bad since Harry and Marv tried meddling with a horrible eight-year-old named Kevin.

The fact that his nose now looks like the number "5" is all you need to know how messed up this dude's face is now.

Worst Broken Nose Ever?

At least since he broke his nose, he's won three of his last four matches.

This post was originally published February 13, 2016.

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