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Former UFC Fighter Brawls Random Guys in Bathroom Stall

If you follow MMA at all, you know Jason Knight is downright crazy. The former UFC fighter has been in several professional bouts since he was a teenager, but his wildest one might be a recent video of him in a bathroom stall.

Ahead of his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship rematch against Artem Lobov in the Bare Knuckle FC 9 main event in November 2019, his good buddy, Brok Weaver, shared a classic video of Knight going against two random guys and throwing tons of punches while all three men were in a bathroom.

As if a mixed martial arts ring wasn't small enough, these guys completely threw down in the tightest space possible and did not hold back.

Weaver shared two versions of the brawl on social media.

Jason Knight Bathroom Fight Video

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Following his release from UFC in November 2018, Knight had a one-fight contract to face Lobov at BKFC 5 earlier in 2019, where he lost by unanimous decision. And after he had to withdraw from a bout against Leonard Garcia in July 2019 due a rib injury, the 27-year-old was getting ready to get back to fighting.

The bare-knuckle boxing fight was about to go down at Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi, and needless to say, people were pumped for BKFC 9, especially Knight's friend, who later deleted his Instagram post.

"Y'all don't forget to catch one of the real street kings put his toe to the line an go back to war with Artem lobov at bare knuckle championship in Biloxi Mississippi this Saturday night. Last fight was epic an we got robbed but this fight we ain't leaving up to the judges. Kill or be killed mentality. [Knight] is in the best shape iv ever seen him an more focused than iv ever seen him before. Plus he got a new weapon on his side an that's God an if God be for us then who be against us?"

— Brok Weaver on Instagram

Jason Knight isn't quite a household name in MMA like Nate Diaz, Jorge Masvidal or Conor McGregor, but if this street fight and altercation in a bathroom stall is any indication for what's to come, things could get wild once again.

This post was originally published on November 13, 2019.

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