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Cheer Dad Performs Daughter's Routine in Viral Video

More often than not, no matter how good or bad we are, our parents are our biggest fans, especially when it comes to high school sports. They cheer for us, even if it's painful, while some are even willing to fight for their kids. This next dad takes it to a completely different extreme.

It's time for everyone to meet Hekili Holland. As a passionate and proud father in the Yorktown, Virginia community, he can often be found in the stands at football games, where his daughter Mackenzi Holland is one of the cheerleaders at York High School.

Holland doesn't just cheer for the York Falcons. He also knows the cheer routine and performs it along with the cheer squad while he's in the stands.

That's what happened at the York High game against Warhill High School in November 2019, and it was filmed and posted to Facebook by Scott Willard.

"This guy right here needs to go viral," the post read. "By far CHEER DAD OF THE YEAR!!!!!! This dude rocks!!!! GO YORK FALCONS!!!! #cheerdad #countyneededthis #tabbstrong"

Cheer Dad Routine

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Go viral? That would be an understatement. The cheerleading video has been trending all over the place on social media, which even landed Hekili Holland on Good Morning America.

The viral video everyone is watching features the fight song at York High School football games.

"The band plays and the girls perform it after every touchdown or score. I was trying to learn it by watching the cheerleaders. But Mackenzi finally taught me one day. I've always loved the atmosphere of high school and college football. The band, the excitement, everything. It just another way to have fun and show support."

— Rolland "Hekili" Holland, via GMA

At first, Willard wanted to show Holland off as a "cool dad" for the cheerleading routine. As a result, and millions of views later, he is the real MVP for giving us this video.

As for Holland, he definitely needs this Cheer Dad shirt for his next game.

This article was originally published November 7, 2019. Cheer dads still rule, even if they can't be at games during the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak.

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