High school trick play
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High School Trick Play Inspired by Chiefs Results in Touchdown

High school football seasons around the United States are winding down — but even this late in the season, one high school in Alabama attempted a play that confused the opposing team in their playoff matchup.

The Alabama High School Athletic Association playoffs are in full swing, and one contest featured the Fort Payne Wildcats taking on the Mortimer Jordan Blue Devils. The Wildcats were on second-and-10 from the 12-yard line when they busted out their own version of the Kansas City Chiefs' "Snow Globe" play, adding more "Ring Around the Rosie" to it.

And better yet, it worked.

The play started similarly to the Chiefs' plays against the Las Vegas Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles last season.

Heck, they also did it in the Super Bowl.

Not only did Fort Payne try the Chiefs' play, but the West Virginia Mountaineers did so as well.

Now, let's look at the Wildcats' play.

They started huddled together, then began spinning. They got to the line and sent a few more players in motion. Meanwhile, you can see Mortimer Jordan's defensive players pointing around the field, directing fellow players where to go for their assigned targets. The quarterback stood in shotgun formation, took a few steps back when the ball was snapped, and fired over the middle to a wide-open receiver.

Not only did the play work, it also resulted in a touchdown during a playoff game.

That coaching staff had ice in their veins to try that.

Even better? The Wildcats went on to win the game by 17 points — a well-deserved victory for a bold call at that point in the season.

Next up, Fort Payne faces Muscle Shoals at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 17, as the road team.

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