IMG Academy beat West Toronto Prep by 96...and it only took a half.
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96-0 at Halftime? Officials Call Off High School Game After Humiliating Half


Lesser college football programs at least have a paycheck to look forward to when they travel to get smoked by a Power 5 team. In high school football, however, all that's on the losing side of a blowout loss is a long ride home.

West Toronto Prep knows this feeling better than anyone.

Heading into last Friday's matchup against IMG Academy -- the No. 10 team in the country according to MaxPreps -- the Golden Warriors were 0-5 and had been outscored 195-6. After Friday's matchup, their win total and scoring remained unchanged. However, IMG increased their points given up by 96...and it only took them a half.


IMG Academy's 96-Point Beatdown of West Toronto Prep

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My god. There are massacres, then there's what IMG Academy did to West Toronto Prep. This isn't worthy of being described as a varsity vs. JV team. This is an NFL team playing the backups of your son's Kindergarten flag football squad.

IMG held a 57-0 lead by the end of the first quarter. They added 39 in the second to go up 96-0 heading into halftime. Thankfully, the refs called the game at that point, preventing IMG from having to defend their 96-0 lead -- commonly known as the most dangerous lead in football.


What did IMG get out of playing a team that can't get a snap off, can't block for more than a millisecond, and avoids tackling like the plague? That's right -- practice for walkthroughs in college. That's my personal theory as to why a team with three players in the top 30 of the 2023 recruiting class would play this game at all.

And this isn't the first time we've seen IMG play an opponent of West Toronto Prep's caliber. Last year, the Ascenders crushed Ohio's Bishop Sycamore 58-0 in a televised game on ESPN. Bishop Sycamore, of course, was later revealed to be a scam.

Meanwhile, Google Earth takes you to a public park when you enter West Toronto Prep's address.


Players didn't go to West Toronto Prep to play school. They went to play in the park.

Anyway, the Golden Warriors pride themselves as being an up-and-coming Canadian football factory that exposes its students to colleges in the United States. I guess getting mercy ruled by 96 on TV is one way to do it.

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