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Dad Catches Son's Walk-Off HR, Becomes a Viral Sensation

Batting practice is a sacred thing between a father and son (though not always).

As a son, your dad knows exactly where your wheelhouse is. As a dad, there's nothing like serving up meat and watching your son send it into the stratosphere.

There's no better feeling as a father than watching the practice pay off in a game.

Port Neches, Texas native Adam Smith experienced this feeling firsthand, and he got a souvenir in the process.

Son Hits Walk-Off HR to Dad

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The Port Neches 12U All-Stars were down 3-2 in the bottom of the sixth inning. A runner was on for Jake Smith. It was time to get down to business.

Adam Smith, Jake's father, is emphatically cheering his son on in the outfield with his rally cap on. Jake likes the look of the first pitch and crushes it.

Adam can't believe what he's witnessing. The ball is headed right at him. It's like he's a magnet and the ball is a quarter.

It's going, going, going gone! And where does it land? Right in Adam's hands. He's ecstatic. He jumps for joy. He can't believe it.

His son's walk-off homer won the game for the team and gave him a new prized possession that belongs in a trophy case. A father-son connection can't get any better.

Adam called Jake's two-run home run the best moment of his life.

"Best moment of my life. I hate to say that because my wife is probably going to kill me, 'cause you know my kids were born," Smith said. "Best moment of my life."

Thankfully, he cleared up his statement so he wouldn't be sent to the doghouse when he got home. The play went viral on several social media platforms. It should be a lesson to all dads out there.

When your son is up to bat, set up as a target in the outfield. Let fate do the rest.

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