Little Leaguer Nails Coach’s Head With Bat During Practice Swing
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Base coaches wearing helmets is still a fairly new concept. For some reason, it took decades for us to realize a hat probably isn’t enough protection for a scorching foul ball.

The hard hats are used consistently at the college and professional level. Any level below that is where the baseball purists can be found. Helmet on the baseline? No way, buddy.

One little league coach surely would’ve avoided a throbbing headache had he been wearing one.

Little Leaguer Nails Coach With Bat

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The at-bat starts out as any would. A player named Ritchie takes some practice cuts before stepping into the batter’s box. He’s collecting his thoughts and loosening up.

A few feet behind him, his third-base coach watches. Why he’s standing so close to his player is a mystery. Maybe he was offering some last minute tips; it’s hard to say.

Ritchie takes a full swing only to lose his grip on the bat. It goes flying directly into his coach’s face. It could not have hit him more squarely. The sound could be heard all over the ballpark. Fans gasped from the bleachers.

Ritchie takes off his helmet in horror. He can’t believe what just happened. Luckily, the coach knows Ritchie would be scarred if he showed any signs of being truly hurt. He pops up, ensures Ritchie that he’s good and gets back to coaching.

The play from Instagram user “Ritchie5125” went viral on the Internet. Commenters commended the coach for his ability to bounce back and comfort his player. I guess he has a pretty hard noggin.


Kudos to the coach for saving Ritchie from a lifetime of trauma. How he had the cognitive function to let his player he was OK right away is truly mind blowing. Accidents happen, and the coach was the first to let his player know.

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