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4-Year-Old's Bat Flip Hilariously Hits His Own Head

The art of the bat flip usually takes a while to master.

It took Jose Bautista 34 years worth of home runs to nail it down when he hit his iconic shot in the 2015 American League Division Series. MLB stars like Bryce Harper and David Ortiz made a habit of tossing their stick in the air, but it took some time to perfect.

While bat flipping is becoming an increasingly popular hobby among high school and college baseball players, it's apparently snuck onto to tee-ball fields.

One little guy needs to work on the location of his flip, though.

Tee-Baller Hilariously Bat Flips on His Head


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We've seen this before. A tiny softball player adorably did the same thing, and her reaction was similar to this little guy's.

Dustin Quinn posted a video of his 4-year-old son (sort of) playing tee ball to social media app TikTok. His son whacks a ground ball and throws the bat high into the air. It crashed on his helmet, and he looked at dad wondering what the heck just happened.

"You OK?" Quinn asked.

Apparently, he was spooked.

The little man began running down the base line but suddenly tossed his helmet completely off his head as he was about to be tagged out. Spoiler: it worked, because the helmet knocked the ball out of her hand. He either wanted no part of the rest of that play or is a genius.

Dustin's video garnered more than a million views on TikTok, where many users couldn't stop laughing at the whole ordeal. This little dude was a viral star, even if that was potentially the last time he ever steps on a baseball field.

This is why we love tee ball. It's always just pure chaos. Throw the fundamentals out the door when a bunch of little tykes put their uniforms on. Hey, at least this kid is working on his bat flip early in life.

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