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Adorable Kid's Inside-The-Park HR Hilariously Sums Up Tee-Ball

Tee-ball is a mental game above all else. How can I get to my post-game Capri Sun as soon as possible? How big of a wad of Bubble Tape should I throw into my mouth? What is going on?

These are the crucial questions every tee-baller addresses before the first pitch.

One little guy nailed these so quickly the only thing he was worried about was hitting a homer.

He was able to accomplish his goal in an unconventional way by sending the entire defense after the ball in a hilariously adorable video.

Tee-Baller Adorable Inside-The-Park HR

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There is so much going on here I don't know where to begin. First, the batter hits a routine ground ball to third base.

The third baseman whiffs on it, sending it all the way to the left field fence. The third baseman turns to chase it, as does the shortstop, center fielder, right fielder and the entire team other than the second baseman, who's drawing in the dirt. Nobody is covering the bases, leaving the batter a clear path to stretch the hit into a double.

He rounds second. His third base coach tells him to hold there but he's a youngster full of ambition. He turns to go back to second, then turns to third, pauses for a second to reconsider, and miraculously makes it to third safely. His coach's relief was short-lived.

The little guy wants that home run. He trots his way to home plate.

As he's about to cross, a defender makes a last ditch effort to tag him. He's so confident he doesn't even slide. Chalk an inside-the-park home run up for the team in orange and white.

I've watched this play thousands of times now. It never fails to make me laugh. The runner, the defense, the coach trying to get him to stop—not to mention the kid in the on-deck circle who's just happy to be there. It's the whole package.

All I know is I want this little dude on my team. He's proven he's willing to do whatever it takes to win.

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