Interference is called in an Oregon state championship game.
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Softball Team Loses Championship Game on Controversial Interference Call

An Oregon high school softball championship game ended on a controversial interference call that one team wasn't happy about.

A controversial call ruined a high school softball pitcher's no-hitter in a state championship game and gave the other team the win, and one team feels completely robbed from it.

In the Oregon 6A championship game, Sheldon and Oregon City were tied at 0-0 in the bottom of the seventh. The play in question came when Sheldon' Meara Sain laid down a bunt against Oregon City pitcher Lily Riley. The throw to first from Oregon City's Gina Allen was in the dirt, and Sheldon baserunner Brooke Peterson attempted to round third and score on the miscue.

Oregon City threw out Peterson at home and threw down to second to complete the double play, leaving Oregon City's team celebrating as they expected the game to head to extra innings. However, umpires ruled that Riley was in the runner's way at third base and was called for interference. They awarded Sheldon the run on the call, and Sheldon won the championship on the bizarre walk-off play.

Oregon City was stunned and felt robbed. Riley finished the game with no hits, registering the first no-hitter in OSAA state championship game history and yet lost.

"I don't know what happened," Oregon City head coach MacKenzie Washington told the Oregon City News. "We're waiting on an official call from the officials. I'm a little upset that I didn't even get to ask a question before they left the field. I would have liked some clarity or at least get an explanation, but we'll wait on that and see what happened."

One player, second baseman Alyssa Nordling didn't mince words about the play.

"Me personally, I'm more disappointed in the officiating," she said. "I feel like it could have gone in a different direction. You know, it's the championship game, just let it go into the eighth inning. Let us - we're two great teams, tops in the state, I think we should have just kept playing."

And to add more fuel to the controversy, the runner who was interfered with said she knew once she saw Riley standing near third base she could get the call.

"I know that (the umpire) saw the obstruction," Sheldon's Brooke Peterson told "It was a full hit. It wasn't a clip. She was directly in the way, so I knew that if I attempted, even if I was out, I was gonna be safe."

She wasn't wrong.

Still, you hate to see a state championship game coming down to a call from the umpires. That being said, Sheldon ace Patyon Burnham struck out 17 hitters and didn't allow a run in her seven innings of work. Sheldon certainly didn't not deserve the victory.

Hopefully the girls for Oregon City don't get too down over the outcome.

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