Two softball sisters went viral for hilarious banter.
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Softball Sisters Go Viral For Hilarious Backyard Banter

Two sisters decided to practice softball in the yard. The result was a hilarious viral video sweeping TikTok.

For those of you who had siblings growing up, you'll know that the amount of trash talk, teasing, and other forms of what you'd consider torture at that age can happen all the time and at any moment.

In a TikTok video that's going viral with more than five million views, two young sisters named "Ashtyn & Ab" decided to spend some quality time in the yard developing their softball skills. Harmless enough.

Well, when you mix the spirit of competition, sport, and two siblings of any combination with a camera filming, you'll find some hilarious content, and these two did not disappoint. The banter is just hilarious.


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Right off the bat, the sister wearing the yellow socks working on her pitching delivers a bullet of a pitch to her sister, acting as a catcher.

The sister who's playing catcher replies, "What are you doing? Did it look like I was ready?"

The pitching sister then replies, "No, but I was."

I immediately laughed out loud.

The next pitch is a bad one. It's in the dirt, and the sister playing catcher isn't wearing gear, so you know she isn't going to try to stop it. She says, "Actually trash, what was that? Does it look like I'm wearing gear?"

I mean, hey, valid point there.

The sister who's pitching delivers a knock-out punch as a response, though, saying, "No, suck it up, princess."

Oh. My. Goodness.

The video lasts 52 seconds, and the entire video is just trash-talking each other while playing catch. The ironic part is that the video is also an example of how siblings can help each other improve at their sport.

Dick's Sporting Goods took to the comments to offer a sentiment we can all agree with.

"Pushing each other will only make them better," the account said.

While some in the comments are asking about the validity of it, it doesn't matter. Either way, this was hilarious, and we hope the best for both sisters in their future softball endeavors.

The sisters already have 10,000 followers on TikTok from the one video. Hopefully we get more content from these two.

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