A Guardians fan throws a terrible first pitch.
Screenshot from Twitter

Guardians Fan Throws Worst First Pitch Ever, But Was it Staged?

Cleveland Guardians fan and content creator Sir Yacht threw the worst first pitch ever at a game, but some are questioning whether it was real.

I think we'd all welcome receiving the honor of throwing out the first pitch at an MLB game until we absolutely mess it up, make fools of ourselves, and get laughed at by a stadium with thousands of fans.

Sir Yacht, a comedic content creator and an avid fan of the Cleveland Guardians, may or may not be feeling that after his first pitch on Thursday.

Remember, SirYacht, whose real name is John Kinsely, is a comedic content creator, so this could all be part of a skit to draw attention to himself and write articles about it like we are here.

That being said, it's got to be the worst first pitch of all time. Scoot aside, 50 Cent.

If you watch his wind-up, you can see that Mr. SirYacht abruptly spins his planted foot, so, I mean, I'm not an expert, but it looks fake.

One Twitter user, Rob Friedman AKA Pitching Ninja, compared this unorthodox pitching technique to former San Francisco Giants great Tim Lincecum.

If you read the replies to this tweet, no one is buying that this is legitimate due to who SirYacht is.

He's performed skits such as dribbling a basketball for 24 hours straight.

So, based on that Mr. Beast-like challenge, it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that SirYacht planned this.

If he did, he didn't walk away unscathed, though. He tweeted a picture of a nice little scrape he got from the fall.

Regardless, it's fun to watch and laugh at, which is all that matters in the end.

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