Dirty Softball Catcher Levels 2 Runners, Somehow Doesn’t Get Ejected

Megan Crosby of Needville High School in Texas took “defending the plate” to a totally new level against Hargrave High School. The catcher not only blocked the plate without a play happening there, but she tried to lowkey truck stick a couple girls.

The craziest part is that the umpires never ejected Crosby or even talked about it, even though at one point he’s looking right at the play!

She knocked down two players and totally got away with it, and what’s weird is that the situation didn’t escalate into a fight. That runner definitely thought about it though coming back to plate for the tag.

Softball Catcher Elbows Runner

I think it’s pretty obvious why none of those runners started a fight. That catcher is clearly bigger than they are. Plus, she seems like she’d be ready to throw hands.

This article was originally published on September 16, 2015, but it’s a constant reminder that sportsmanship should always matter.

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