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High Schooler's "Fake Punt Front Flip" Made His Sideline Erupt

That's one way to convert a fake punt!

Alonso High School Ravens running back Malik Johnson proved he might be one of the most athletic running backs in the city of Tampa if not the entire state of Florida. The sophomore back took a fake punt and we got to see way more than just any old conversion.

Backflips are one thing. This kid managed to full-on front flip over a defender and not only landed on his feet but kept on trucking along. That defender should have probably retired after getting the Simone Biles treatment.

HS Fake Punt Front Flip


Just look at his sideline's reaction. One kid is in disbelief. A coach has his hands on his hand like he couldn't believe it. Incredible.

Malik Johnson's incredible flip landed him on ESPN's SportsCenter for good reason. If I were a college football coach in attendance, I would've instantly offered that kid. You don't see plays like that very often.

This post was originally published on August 27, 2016 but how often do you see a fake punt front flip?

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