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Jose Bautista Learned What "Don't Mess With Texas" Means

The Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers were having a nice enough game until Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista went low on a slide into second base.

Rougned Odor didn't take too kindly to that and had some words  with Bautista — and then got in with a pretty nice right hook and it went down like this:

Jose Bautista-Roughned Odor Fight

And apparently, Bautista thinks he's a tough guy because he didn't fall down after taking that punch. He also said he went hard at Odor because he didn't appreciate getting hit by a pitch as retaliation from an epic bat flip in their 2015 playoff series (baseball players have a long memory.)

The slide and the punch resulted in a bench-clearing brawl and a bunch of ejections. From, the ejections were:

  • Blue Jays: first base coach Tim Leiper (ejected in the third inning), manager John Gibbons, pitcher Jesse Chavez, right fielder Bautista, third baseman Josh Donaldson, bench coach DeMarlo Hale
  • Rangers: second baseman Odor, bench coach Steve Buechele

That's a bunch. Odor is probably looking at a fine and a suspension. And for his part, Bautista was happy he stayed on his feet after taking the punch:

This article was originally published on May 15, 2016.

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