When it comes to one-on-one fights in baseball history, there was none better than this one.

Robin Ventura, the Chicago White Sox third baseman at the time, charged the mound and went after the all-time pitching great Nolan Ryan. It resulted in one of the most infamous brawls in baseball history — and in Ryan getting Ventura in a headlock and punching him several times in the face. It’s something you would see in an MMA contest, not on a baseball field.

There was bad blood between the two for an astonishing 19 years after it happened too — the first time the two spoke to each other after the fight was in 2012, according to Yahoo Sports. The two shook hands and chatted on Opening Day of that year. Even 24 years later, I don’t think we’ve seen anything close to this fight.

This post was originally published on September 28, 2015.

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