Little Leaguer Takes Nasty Collision Like a Champ
Screenshot from YouTube: Dr. Daniel Daves

This wasn’t just a collision. This was a home plate assault.

The poor kid hardly has any time to brace himself for the impending hit and absorbs damn near everything the runner has to offer, including a full on shove to the ground. That kid may have some anger issues. You have to have a seriously dark soul to not only run over the catcher, but also make sure he’s taken to the ground in the process.

The umpire wasn’t having any of that though, and ejected the little demon.

I love how his teammates are laughing at him for getting trucked. A valid response would have been “Let’s see you get out there and take one for the team!”

That’d shut up ’em up.

This post was originally published on April 26, 2016.

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