Big Al makes his Little League intro in 2018.
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Big Al Was a Viral Dinger Machine, But What Happened to Him?


The most famous Little Leaguer who never actually played in the Little League World Series is better known by five letters: Big Al.

You remember Big Al. He was the kid who proudly proclaimed on national TV that he hit dingers. "My name is Alfred Delia, at home they call me 'Big Al,' and I hit dingers," he said with a swagger.

The 12-year-old became an internet sensation after those words. The sports world quickly fell in love with him and his mighty swing. Though his Middletown, New Jersey team ultimately fell short of advancing to Williamsport at the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Regional, Big Al's fame was just getting started. He was on the "Jimmy Kimmel Show." He signed autographs. He was recognized everywhere he went.

Four years later, Big Al is still swinging for the fences.


Big Al's Rise to Stardom

Big Al was a walking, talking meme. Once he uttered those words that went viral, people couldn't get enough of him.

In regional play, he tore it up at the plate. Fans learned his superstition was to wear lucky pants and socks, likely his secret to launching dingers. And despite the name, Big Al had some wheels. He was always hustling and playing the game the right way.

When Big Al when on Jimmy Kimmel not long after his team was eliminated, he was an absolute riot. He revealed some of his other nicknames: Cookie, Bubba, Boomer and Fredo Sauce. He also revealed his dream was to one day be an MLB star.


He's still hard at work trying to achieve that dream.

Big Al is Still Playing Ball Today

Last year, 15-year-old Big Al was playing for the Middletown Senior All-Stars that went on a decent run. The team went undefeated through district and sectional play before heading to the state tournament. According to the New Jersey Little League website, his team didn't win the tournament, which was capture by Franklin Township LL.

He hasn't been all that active on social media since 2020. Still, he has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram, where he was last making sponsored posts for Plate Crate. Get your money, Big Al. If he made a comeback tour, he could probably get many more sponsorships.


Maybe Big Al is more focused on school these days, though. The 16-year-old set to graduate from Red Bank Catholic High School in Red Bank, New Jersey in 2024.

Even years after his famous words, Big Al is still stopped on the street.

"We were at a game in Freehold a couple weeks and kids came up to the dugout in the middle of the game and asked, 'Is that Big Al in there?'" Middletown head coach Tim St. Clair told the Asbury Park Press. "He smiles a little and wants to focus on the game."

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