Fan Catches Foul Ball with Beer
Screenshot from YouTube: MLB

Nothing Says Baseball Like Catching Foul Balls With a Beer

Well, this is one way to finish your beer as the game winds down.

A Chicago Cubs fan made an unusual foul ball catch in the top of the ninth inning. This lady caught the ball with her cup of beer and then proceeded to chug her beer. The baseball looks like it's still in the cup, which makes this even more awesome.

Fan Catches Foul Ball with Beer

Catching a foul ball is one of the more exciting things you can do as a fan at a baseball game, but catching it with your beer and then pounding it back makes it even more memorable.

She only had three more outs to finish her beer, might as well do it with a baseball in your cup.

This article was originally published April 18, 2015, but it's finally baseball season once again!

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