There's a million ways to propose and then there's the way this Dodgers fans picked to show his love. Spoiler alert: he got wrecked.
Both Images: Screenshot from Twitter

Dodgers Fan Gets Himself Tackled and Engaged in Viral On-Field Proposal

Popping the question is always risky. Public proposals are even more of a leap of faith. But the ultimate test of love might have taken place yesterday at Dodger Stadium. During the Dodgers' 8-2 win during their 2023 Opening Day game, sushi chef Ricardo Juarez ran onto the field in between innings to propose to his girlfriend, Ramona Savvedra.

Groom-to-Be Gets Leveled by Dodgers Security

Juarez jumped the fence in left field and raced about 30 feet into the outfield behind Arizona left fielder Lourdes Gurriel, Jr., who didn't notice the commotion behind him as he warmed out with the other outfielders. As Juarez gets down on his knee, the players on the field finally realize something strange is going on, and perhaps that is what finally alerts the security team who didn't seem to be paying much attention given their response time.

Not only did he get onto the playing surface and a good clip into the outfield grass, Juarez was able to stop and turn around, point into the crowd to find his girlfriend, and drop to a knee with his ring box. I counted at least a full 9 seconds from when he lands on the field surface until the proposal came to an abrupt close as Juarez is leveled by a security guard.

Evidently, the hit he took was worth it, as Savvedra said yes to Juarez, according to her Instagram account. The proposal has gone viral, leading to a plethora of requests from news outlets asking to use their videos and photos in a news story, as well as vendors offering them discounts for their wedding and other baseball clubs inviting them to "give it another shot" this summer at their ballpark.

What Happens to Fans that Run on the Field?

A fan is removed from the field by security during the sixth inning between the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies in Game Five of the 2022 World Series at Citizens Bank Park

Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images


We've all seen fans that run on the field get tackled and escorted off by security members. But what happens after their 15 seconds of fame is over and they have to pay the piper for their brazenness?

The punishment for field jumpers is subject to the guidelines of each ballpark and the state laws for where the park is located. It also depends on the circumstances of the perpetrator. If you take off your clothes, physically harm someone or cause any damage, you are likely to get charged with other crimes in addition to trespassing.

The guidelines for Dodgers Stadium do not specify what the punishment will be if you go on the field. Staying off the field is part of the Dodgers Fan Code of Conduct, and those who don't comply with the code "face immediate ejection without refund and possible revocation of season tickets and/or future ticket privileges and may also be in violation of California and City ordinances, resulting in possible arrest and prosecution."

As evidence by the picture that Savvedra posted on her Instagram page, the couple was happily reunited by this morning. Juarez has apparently been banned from Dodgers Stadium for just one year, and he likely paid a fine and spent his first night engaged in jail.

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