Fabian the ball boy smiles during a Chicago Cubs game.
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"Fabian the Ball Boy": The Electric Cubs Employee Who Became a Viral Sensation


What if I told you that the best fielder on the 34-48 Chicago Cubs isn't actually a player? That the most electric man in baseball is one that probably gets paid a tiny fraction of what the players he overshadows make?

Oh yeah. It's time the world met Fabian De Hoyos. He's the Cubs' ball boy and absolute wall of defense that no ball can penetrate. He's a viral star and, to be honest, he needs to be at this year's All-Star Game in Dodger Stadium.

How he gained his fame is simple: he's the best at what he does.

Fabian the Ball Boy's Rise to Fame


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Every legend has that one game that they're remembered by. Reggie Jackson's three-home run game during the 1977 World Series. Babe Ruth calling his shot and following through.

"The Fabian Game" took place on June 29 when the Cubs and Cincinnati Reds met at Wrigley Field. Sure, the Cubbies won the game 8-3 and Willson Contreras went yard, but it was Fabian who was making play after play. Just have a look.


Umm OK Fabian, I see you with that little swagger after making that play. Now let's see how you handle a ball coming at you in the air...

MONEY. And here he is on back-to-back foul balls. The first one he handles with ease, with some footwork Rafael Nadal would be jealous of. He misses the next one and is LIVID with himself.


That's the type of self-accountability it takes to become a star. Also, he still got his body in front of it and knocked it down! If Rob Manfred doesn't get him to the Midsummer Classic, it's time to riot. At the very least he should be shagging balls during the Home Run Derby.

So, just who is this Fabian guy? According to his LinkedIn, he's a Security Services Ambassador for the Chicago Cubs. But don't tell him that. It's clear that every game is an open tryout for the starting shortstop gig in The Friendly Confines. He's even got friendships brewing with some of the players:

After his big night -- which debuted his extremely unofficial statistics on the season, Fabian talked to Marquee Sports Network to talk about what going viral was like.


"It's surreal because you don't expect yourself to be on TV," Fabian said. "It's pretty cool that they put the exact stats ... We actually try to give as much hustle as the players do. We try to work just as hard and try to keep the game flowing. Whenever we get a ball or something like that, it's all about the kids. Then once we do that, the job's done. It's all good."

Fabian's fielding has made him an overnight celebrity, and it appears he's handling the fame quite humbly. Considering the Cubs' history with foul balls down the left field line (ahem, Steve Bartman), I'd say the team better keep Fabian on the field at all times.

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