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Guy Whistles Entire National Anthem At Orioles Game

Before the Baltimore Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox game, fans gathered at Oriole Park at Camden Yards to hear what they thought was going to be a singing performance of America's national anthem as usual, but instead a whistling version was heard by the crowd.

Most renditions of "The Star-Spangled Banner," are pleasant to hear, with some being better than others, but many are forgotten throughout time. That is to say, Chris Ullman's performance will certainly make a lasting impression, for he never uttered one word.

Ullman isn't just your average whistler, as he is a four-time International Whistling Champion. And if that isn't enough to impress you, he is also a member of the Whistlers Hall of Fame and the author of "Find Your Whistle."

In addition, Ullman has appeared on multiple Tedx Talks explaining his stories as a whistler in addition to giving some technique tips.

That is to say, perfecting the craft of whistling is not easy, as he puts in more time training than most athletes do. He started off whistling all day, including practicing "five hours a day for seven straight days."

Ullman, who is from Virginia, has also whistled at a couple Washington D.C. sporting events, such as for the Wizards, he performed the national anthem at a game (January 15, 2015), in which the home team beat the San Antonio Spurs 101-93.

Then Ullman also whistled the national anthem at the Washington Nationals game (May 19, 2014), in a 4-3 loss vs. the Cincinnati Reds.


Many people respect and applaud the flute-like sound version of the national anthem that Ullman is able to create from his mouth, as he even performed for President George W. Bush at the oval office. This story is talked about in one of his Ted Talks, and can be watched here (starting at 8:33).

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