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Minor League Catcher Hilariously Loses Ball in Foul Line, Lets Runner Score

Minor league baseball has it all. No-hitters in which the team loses. Hidden ball trick plays. It even had Tim Tebow at one point. You're bound to see something bizarre when you go to one of these games.

Something you might never see again happened in Tuesday's matchup between the Hudson Valley Renegades and the Greenville Drive, the High-A affiliates for the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, respectively.

When the catcher for Hudson Valley bobbled the ball on a play at the plate, he couldn't find it after it rolled onto the foul line. The ball blended in with the white chalk and let another run score as the catcher hilariously looked lost trying to find it.

Minor League Catcher Hilariously Loses Ball in Chalk 

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Hudson Valley catcher Antonio Gomez was just trying to tag out a runner in the plate in the first inning. When the ball scooted away, the chalk monster ate it up. That allowed the runner on first to come all the way around and score while the ball was sitting six feet away from him.

Here's my question: why didn't any of Gomez's teammates come help him? I know infielders were probably pointing, but once it's obvious he isn't finding it, they should've sprinted in to pick it up themselves. If anything, the pitcher who was backing up the catcher could have ran toward it. Instead, the ball sat there for what seemed like an eternity.

When a commenter on Instagram asked the pitcher, Chase Hampton, if that was him, all he could reply was "sadly" with a laughing face. Hey, at least the dude has a sense of humor about it. Maybe he and the catcher can *chalk* it up as experience. And despite the blooper, Hudson Valley wound up winning, 11-6.

Thank you, minor league baseball. You never let us down when we need a good laugh.

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