Screenshot from Vimeo: Andy Slater

Managers Throw Punches & Ignite All-Out Minor League Brawl

Forget the players, the managers wanted to toss hands.

Minor league brawls can get out of hand very quickly, even sometimes looking like a stampede of bulls. Often times, it's the players who go at it and the coaches are the ones who calm things down.

But how about opposing managers throwing hands? That's what two Single-A teams did, selecting Camp Day (of all days!) with plenty of youngsters in attendance to brawl.

What started between the coaches ended in an all-out fight between the two squads as you can see the brawl unfolding above. It's hard to even keep up with all the punches being thrown.

Minor League Managers Spark All-Out Brawl

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According to USA Today, this took place between the Daytona Tortugas and Jupiter Hammerheads, which are the respective Cincinnati Reds and Miami Marlins Class A affiliates. It took place on camp day, which means these minor leaguers gave kids in attendance a show they'll never forget.

As you can tell from the video above, a coach looks to be the first one to throw a punch. Deadspin noted that Jupiter manager, Randy Ready threw a haymaker in this screenshot below:

The rest of the brawl looks like something you'd see in a dark alleyway. A fight spills out by first base. Two separate boxing matches take place near the dugout. No one (and I mean absolutely no one) even try to break any of this up. I can't even count how many right hooks were thrown.

This has to go down as one of the wildest minor league brawls ever.

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