The mustard mascot at the Royals game trips during a race.
Screenshot from Twitter

Hot Dog Mascot Loses Pants, Face-Plants But Thankfully Doesn't Show "Buns"

I can only imagine how it feels to put on a giant mascot suit in the shape of a mustard-lathered hot dog. If you can stand the sweltering heat of the darn thing, you can get to the part where it's the most joyous, liberating thing in the world. You're literally a giant freaking hot dog. Everyone is envious of you.

Then, your pants fall off.

Sheer terror. It's the old grade school adage "imagine everyone in their underwear" except it's the opposite and you're an actual weenie with your pants around your ankles in front of 15,000 people. One minute you're on top of the world, the next you're the laughing stock of it.

In Kansas City, everyone's favorite hot dog AKA Mustard, took one of the funniest and most embarrassing tumbles in mascot-racing history.

Hot Dog Loses His Pants, Falls During Race

I have a series of terrible, corny jokes that I just need to get off my chest, so here they are:

  • I guess he couldn't ketchup to the competition...
  • This guy just doesn't cut the mustard...
  • Hopefully, he relished his time out there...
  • This is why you never bun-t

I hated that last one just as much as you did. Seriously though, you've got to feel for this guy. He was just trying to win a mascot race at the Kansas City Royals game on Sunday and all hell broke loose when his waist failed him. He ends up face-planting in the dirt, but we have to give him props for at least trying to finish the race while his trousers wrapped his ankles. The only way this can get funnier is if we added some Yakety Sax music to it.

According to the Royals website, this race is the famous Royals Hot Dog Derby. It only takes place on the weekends and has been a tradition for decades inside Kauffman Stadium. Even better is the bio under Mustard:

"Mustard is the 'Hot Dog' of the bunch. Known for his confident and sometimes surly attitude, he has always raced with a chip on his shoulder and his 'win at all cost' tactics leave fans wondering what he'll do next."

Thanks to this video from Sunday, we know one thing is true: slow and steady doesn't win the race, and neither does Mustard without pants.

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