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Little League Catcher Taunting Runner at LLWS Was Completely Unsportsmanlike

One play at the Little League World Series went from celebratory to unsportsmanlike after a catcher fist pumped in a runner's face.

Most of the time, the interactions at the Little League World Series are wholesome and fun. That's what the tournament in Williamsport, Penn., is all about.

One play that took place in Monday's game between Venezuela and Curacao was hardly wholesome if you ask fans. With two outs in the top of the third inning, a Curacao runner tried scoring from second on a base hit. Venezuela center fielder Leonard Contreras fired a strike home to catcher Adrian Soto, who applied the tag for the out. Then, Soto let the runner know exactly what the call was.

It was the type of move that starts fights at higher levels of baseball. Have a look for yourself:

Look, I'm all for celebrating a great play, but that's not what this was. Fist pumping directly in the runner's face, inches away from it, is not the right way to celebrate. I'm sure this Little League catcher just got caught up in the moment, but it's not a great look in the sportsmanship department.

Fans online chimed in, too:

Curacao's Nasir El-Ossaïs didn't let the play affect his team for long, because he blasted the game-winning home run in the sixth inning.


The Little League World Series is full of moments that will make you smile. Everything from Stella Weaver dominating against her male counterparts to the interviews and diving catches are part of what makes it great.

Hopefully we see more of those moments than the one that took place at the plate between Venezuela and Curacao.

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